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I Know I’ll Regret This But…

I’ve been writing short stories for a decade of so. In a good year I get into double figures in terms of the number of stories I post. The longest thing I’ve ever written is about 12,000 words.

Yet there is a part of me that keeps saying: “And you haven’t written a novel yet because…?”

I have a long list of reasons, most of which boil down to: it’s too hard and I don’t have time

Yet I suspect that those are just excuses

So I’ve decided to challeng myself with this truly insane “Write A Fifty Thousand Word Novel in the Month of November” idea that the NaNoWriMo people have put together.

I know that I can’t write a ready-to-publish novel in a month.

That’s not my objective.

I want to see if I have the stamina to produce a complete novel that could be edited into something good.

I will enter the text of the novel on this site as I write it.

I will also keep a short blog about what the experience of trying to do this (and keep my day job and have a life) is like.

I won’t start to write the novel yet but I will use this space for the next couple of weeks to start to think about the novel: plot – characters – settings – so that I can hit the ground running in November

If any of you want to comment on the novel or the blog, please go ahead.

If any of you are doing the same thing and want me to link to your blog, please contact me via this blog

If you want to see how I write when I’m not engaged in an insane project, take a look at my story site here

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