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Chapter ??? A Kiss For The Teacher w/c 1,206


Chapter ??? A Kiss For The Teacher


Chailly Sur Lausanne, ?? November 2066



“So the Boss wants me to do a teacher? I haven’t done a teacher since I left school myself.”

Adam had decided that it would be best if Lilith believed he was a brainless letch. There was something off about this whole arrangement. The Boss had never sent a minder to work with him before. So he let her think that he couldn’t think beyond the next pair of legs that would spread for him. If she underestimated him, he might have an edge when he needed it.

He leered at Lilith and said, “D’ya think Miss will give me an A?”

Lilith smiled sweetly at him. They were playing lovers, walking hand in hand, window shopping Chailly’s delicatessens and flower stalls. Lilith had lost her Slut-4-You ensemble and now looked like a young professional coming back from the office with her piece of rough, eager for some lunchtime naughtiness

Lilith squeezed his hand hard, still with a smile on her face, then she leant into him, as if to kiss his neck. In a low voice she said, “You aren’t here to feed your need for sex, Adam. You’re here to subdue a woman who has something I want.”

“Oh. A threesome. This afternoon is looking up.”

Lilith bit into Adam’s earlobe, almost hard enough to draw blood. “You couldn’t handle my kind of threesome, Adam. You don’t have the stomach for it.”

Adam suspected that Lilith was more interested in pain than sex. Other people’s pain. He didn’t want his mind to go there, not when he was about to work his mojo on a new woman.

He let Lilith lead him on, hanging on his arm as if she adored him.

“So what use is a teacher to you? Is this just a practice run or what?”

“This is not a rehearsal, Adam, You have to get it right first time.The woman you are going to “do” is on the staff at La Ecole Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande. The ENSR is an exclusive boarding school which believes it has hired Alice Morand, originally from France, now Swiss by marriage to Marc Morand an investment banker specialising in bio-tech companies.”

Lilith pulled Paul into a doorway, her back to the door. From the doorway she could see anyone leaving the Metro. Lilith pulled him towards her neck.

“Pretend to kiss me. If your tongue touches my skin, I will break one of your fingers tonight.”

Adam brushed his nose up against Lilith’s neck. Normally this drove women crazy. Lilith continued with the briefing.

“ Before Saint Paul’s. Mme Morand was Dr. Alice Shaw. She lead a research team in Porton Down.”

“She was a bio-weapons boffin?  How the hell did she get out of Britain?”

The moment he spoke he wished he hadn’t. Brainless letch Adam wouldn’t ask questions like that.”

“Good question Adam. Dr. Shaw was in Geneva, meeting with the with the World Health Authority. Now why you suppose that she ended up with a new name, a job in a posh school and a house in a desirable suburb rather than being put into one of the camps?”

Adam hesitated. After Saint Paul’s it was claimed that the Cadmus group had gotten its bioweapons from Porton Down and its nuke from Aldermarston. If the Swiss hid Alice Shaw then perhaps she knew what had been taken from Porton Down and how it worked, maybe ever how to stop it. He didn’t share any of this with Lilith.

“Maybe she gives great head?” he said.

“Well you are about to find out, Adam. She’s just left the Metro.”

Alice Morand was a handsome woman in her early forties. Like Lilith, she was wearing the ankle-length skirt and tailored bolero jacket that marked her as professional. Her hair long thick hair, which showed some strands of grey, was tied demurely in a  fashionable braid. She wore very little make up.

Yet, as they followed her, Adam became more and more certain that Alice Morand’s look was a disguise. She took long, confident strides that used the full width of the ankle-length skirt. Her jacket was left open revealing a white silk shirt of a better quality than the rest of the outfit. Watching her braid, he started to imagine how her hair would fall around her shoulders if he released it. Alice Morand might be a modest teacher but Adam thought that Alice Shaw had been a sexually confident woman who was very comfortable in her body.

He grinned. This might be fun. All women, well, all women not grown in a lab, were susceptible to his charms, but the effect was much greater with women who truly enjoyed sex.

A man walking behind a woman can attract attention or cause concern even in Switzerland. Two lovers walking hand in hand are never perceived as a threat. Alice’s attention was focussed on the conversation she was having on her throat-com. She paid no attention to Lilith and Adam as they followed her into the lobby. Pretending to check a mailbox, they waited for her to thumb access to the elevator, As the doors opened, Adam closed the distance between them, saying,

“Doctor Shaw?”

Shit. He wasn’t supposed to know that name

Alice span around, startled her hand already reaching for the stun-stick she wore on her belt.

“Who are…”

Moving fast, Adam pressed her wrists to her sides, pushed her back through the open door, forced her up against the wall. Unable to move her wrists, she’d tried to kick him but before she could cause him harm he kissed her.

The kiss was first forceful, then tender. When he broke off, she stopped. Stopped struggling. Stopped speaking. For a few seconds she stopped breathing.

Adam loved it when they did that.

He let go of her wrists but still pinned her to the wall of the elevator with his body. He slid his hands slowly up from her hips, to her breasts and ran his thumbs across her stiff nipples. She bit her lip and spread her legs slightly.

Adam could hear someone talking in a raised voice on the throat-com.

“You should answer that,” he said, stepping back from her.

Splayed against the wall, eyes never leaving his, she said, “I’m fine Marc. Take your train. I’m just distracted by something I have to do.”

Then she touched her neck to silence her com.

Lilith came up behind him and whispered in his ear. A test, She still didn’t understand the impact of his talent. Still, he followed instructions and asked the question.

“How long will your husband be away, Dr Shaw?”. Lilith already knew the answer but wanted to see if Alice would tell the truth.

“Three days. And you can call me Alice.”

Lilith raised an eyebrow but nodded at Adam. Three days was the right answer.

Adam stroked Alice’s face.

“You’d like to show me your bed, wouldn’t you Alice.”

Alice, still in the shock of first contact, nodded and said, “I’d like that lots and lots.”

Alice pressed some buttons and the elevator opened at her apartment.

“This way,” Alice said, taking Adam by the hand.

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